About Us

Students at the University of Washington have founded a robotics club with the goal to design, build, and operate an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The team will design all systems and subsystems onboard the  machine from scratch, including frame, cameras, lights, propulsion systems, electronic controls, various sensors, and a pneumatically-powered manipulation tool. The team will travel to Orlando, Florida, to compete with universities and technical colleges from around the world in an ROV competition hosted by the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center. The competition highlights not only the design process of building the vehicle, but presents real-world challenges. These include operating the ROV in a hostile environment, as well as presenting technical information to industry professionals in the form of reports and presentations. Over the course of the summer, the team will refit the ROV to be capable of operating in the Puget Sound. The machine will be used to assist scientists and researchers affiliated with the Ocean Sciences department at the University of Washington.